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Trust while in hybrid working mode

The pandemic has pushed our boundaries for innovative solutions.

There’s one type of leadership that has quickly adapted to the situation and put the appropriate systems in place for people to work in a business-as-usual mode. Not that they have no issues, but they are solving them as they go. They are not waiting for ‘normal’ to return. They will re-adapt and relearn if it does.

Then there’s the other type. They are struggling to adapt. They are waiting for normal to return. They are continually in battle with rising issues. The systems that have been put in place appear to be inadequate. Most importantly, they seem to have people who are not working as they should. Productivity has fallen. Vigilance has increased. Employee time off has gone up because they are unable to take the pressure. Many are leaving current companies for others.

As an example, in the latter set of work places, 'non-critical' investments like training employees, has been put on hold. Especially because normal face to face instructor led programs, are not possible now. The belief is that if the employee does the training online, they may or may not be present. This is a continuation of the belief that if the employee is not visible they are not working.

For organizations that do not have TRUST as an inherent value, this is an exceedingly difficult time.

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