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Introduction to EI

This program helps in understanding the basic framework of EI and takes one through the various aspects of EI

  • Module 1 : Neuro-science of emotions and the mind-body connection

  • Module 2 : Awareness of one’s own emotions and their impact on self and others

  • Module 3 : Modulating and regulating one’s emotions for personal maturity

  • Module 4 : Developing social skills to improve interpersonal relationships

  • Module 5 : Expanding the circle of influence and building relationships

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

This program is designed to sensitize leaders on how to lead teams and organizations using emotional intelligence

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

  • Module 0 : Leadership Styles

  • Module 1 : Listening

  • Module 2 : Trust building

  • Module 3 : Delegation

  • Module 4 : Creating Vision

  • Module 5 : Communication

  • Module 6 : Service Orientation

  • Module 7 : Ownership and Accountability

  • Module 8 : Conflict resolution

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All the training modules are selectively or collectively available as workshops. Workshops are case study and exercise intensive to enable the experience and enhance learning.

Tools and techniques, case studies using real life scenarios, and interactive games, are employed to enable and enhance the learning experience.


Personalized Coaching

How coaching compliments training.

Training followed by coaching is the most effective way to transformation. Coaching provides the individual an opportunity to design their own growth path, along with the coach. Coaching takes into consideration, the individual’s strengths and areas of potential growth in arriving at the goals for improvement. Coaching provides a platform for non-intrusive, non-judgmental reflection of progress.


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