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About Evannovations

Founded in 2020, with a mission to train, coach and mentor individuals, professionals and students in practicing principles of emotional and social intelligence for personal, professional and academic excellence and transformation.


Founders Profile:

Prasanna Moses has 30 years in the IT industry including global experience. She has played multiple leadership roles in large organizations in strategy, change management, business excellence, and business transformation responsibilities.


She has coached several managers in multiple companies to improve professional performance.

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Why Evannovations

Our Vision

To create a more compassionate, creative, equitable, inclusive, intelligent world.

Our Mission

To transform humankind’s intelligence at the speed of emotion, one person at a time.

Who is it for

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Individuals, Professionals & Students

To practice mind modulation to counter disturbances and distractions created by emotions and feelings that hijack focus and creativity…

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To learn social skills to interact within teams with optimal motivation and energy – empathy, collaboration, resilience, trust…



To increase the circle of influence to match with the circle of concern – in client interactions, strategic directions, influencing, innovation, market leadership, profitability…

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Why invest in EI

Physically healthy and emotionally balanced individuals lead a progressive, productive, and profitable life. They have better relationships, higher influence, and contribute to creating equitable, and just communities.

Why Us 


Systematic approach to understanding one's emotional topology/terrain

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Structured learning modules and practical tools to enhance emotional intelligence.

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Customised coaching to address challenges due to emotional triggers blocking personal and professional growth

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