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Do you have meeting manners?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

In the not so distant past we had meetings. Then came virtual meetings. Then meetings had to be qualified as online, offline, telephonic etc. Whatever the case, they are a gathering of two or more people to discuss about some specific topic/s and expect some outcome. Having been part of the aforementioned meetings and observed a spectrum of behavior patterns over several decades, I've come up with 14 meeting etiquette guidelines. Trust they are useful to you or someone you know.

  1. Respond to meeting invites promptly – Everyone’s time is as important as yours

  2. It is rude to decline an invite without giving a reason

  3. Where possible, suggest or ask for an alternative time

  4. It is disrespectful of everyone’s time when you are late

  5. If running late for a meeting, inform the organizer before the meeting starts, when you are likely to join

  6. For a review or discussion meeting, always prepare before attending

  7. Put away your devices when not required for the meeting

  8. Pay attention while others are talking

  9. Don’t distract the speaker by having mini meetings within a meeting

  10. Be mindful of interrupting - wait for your turn to speak

  11. If you have to interrupt, do it respectfully

  12. Don’t hijack the meeting. Allow everyone their time and space to speak

  13. Taking notes is a very useful activity in a meeting – It keeps you focused and helps you to contribute to the discussion

  14. Before leaving, clear up the mess you may have created in and around your space

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