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DELTAs – Are you/your organization ready for the future world of work?

McKinsey has published its report for 2021 predicting what skills- or what they would like to call DELTAs: defining elements of talent- are needed for the future world of work. There are 4 categories, 13 skill groups and 56 DELTAs.

Not surprisingly, several of the skills groups are not actively taught in schools and colleges before people come to work. The hope is that these will be factored into the academic curricula in the future.

But this is a good starting point for leaders to evaluate if they are investing in developing and nurturing these DELTAs in the people that work in their organizations. These are not just for the future. Many of these DELTAs are needed even now. Some of the intelligent and future ready-leaders are already investing vigorously in developing these skills and attitudes in their employees. But many are far behind. Let's start with a small chat if you are planning to catch up.

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