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Critical Thinking

By the time young adults enter the workforce, their ability to be creative and to engage in critical thinking is systematically stymied through formal education systems. Learn what is prescribed. Try not to question that. Reproduce parts of it whenever you are asked to, and only exactly what you were taught etc.

Yet when they enter the job market and become active contributors to the economy, we bemoan the fact that they lack critical thinking abilities. This is an unfair expectation. For many years before they arrived at the work place, we lauded them and rewarded them for being exactly the opposite. Asking questions or expressing a different point of view is generally frowned upon. It is labelled as having an 'attitude'.

Be that as it may, even after coming to the workplace, most young workers are asked to comply to instructions exactly, learn from their seniors, and again try not to question why things are done the way they are. This intensifies in closed and hierarchy conscious organizations.

How then do we want these young people to suddenly have the ability for critical thinking when they are thrust into roles that require this capability?

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