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Tune up your self-awareness and enter the doorway to focused achievement, more opportunities for growth, and creating your own success.

“Emotional Intelligence accounts for 80% of career success”

– Daniel Goleman,

Author of Emotional Intelligence

“IQ gets your foot in the game. EQ lets you play the game and win.”

Tune up your self-awareness and enter the doorway to focused achievement, more opportunities for growth, and creating your own success.





Founded in 2020, with a mission to train, coach and mentor individuals, professionals and students in practicing principles of emotional and social intelligence for personal, professional and academic excellence and transformation.


Prasanna Moses has 30 years in the IT industry including global experience. She has played multiple leadership roles in large organizations in strategy, change management, business excellence, and business transformation responsibilities. She has coached several managers in multiple companies to improve professional performance.


Book A Free Consultation

During our 30-minute free consultation, Prasanna will talk to you about your concerns and understand the challenges or anxieties you are experiencing. Further to this, you may choose to book a 90-minute paid consultation session with her. 

Our Services

Evannovations' programs include training and one-on-one customised coaching. They help individuals, groups, and leadership teams develop abilities related to emotional and social intelligence. These skills when developed and nurtured, help not just to cope but to thrive, in the evershifting VUCA world.

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We offer 2 Modules:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

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Immersive learning with games, exercises and case studies.

Practical application of tools and techniques learned during training



For specific needs related to personal/professional growth.

The one-on-one sessions facilitate personal attention to the coachee’s specific transformation needs.

Client Testimonials

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Prasanna Moses’s five week coaching session on self awareness and focus, empathy, emotional balance, resilience and effective communication helped me to revive back my energy levels and stay focused on my priorities.”

– Sujatha Ramadass,

   Project Manager at an IT Services company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there a training module available to understand what is emotional intelligence?
    Yes. Please refer to ‘Our Services’ page.
  • Can content for training be custom developed for specific needs?
    Yes. Please contact us for a discussion.
  • Is the training online or onsite?
    Both are possible depending on your requirement.
  • Is coaching based on the principles of emotional intelligence?
    Yes. Depending on the needs of the coachee, appropriate portions of the model will be applied during the coaching.
  • Is coaching a group activity
    No. It is always for one person at a time.
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